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Platform Operator crypto-friendly solution from Verified Payments is your one-stop gateway to the highly competitive and ever-changing digital assets market. With flexibility and adjustability as a top priority, our platform can be fine-tuned to address each business's specific needs and requirements.

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We are here to empower your crypto business

Platform Operator solutions by Verified Payments allows you to provide financial services to all customers that own digital assets.

Ultimate tool to outperform competitors and extend your customer base
Secure extra income due to a new range of services
Seamless transactions and smooth onboarding
Full requirements compliance
Credibility and trust in your business
Full control over the pricing for end-users

Get the best of the two worlds

Buy and sell crypto anytime you want
Deposit and transfer funds using SEPA and SWIFT payments
Make card payments and cash withdrawals
Expand your customer base by issuing dedicated IBANs
Improve customer experience by adopting our front-end
Access 500M potential customers from EEA and EU markets

When crypto-friendly services become even friendlier

Even in the niche market of crypto, every product is unique. We offer a highly customizable platform operator banking solution that can be tailored to the needs of any business.

Fiat gateway API

Integrate our APIs, issue payment cards, and allow customers to transfer funds as they want. Smoothly and seamlessly.

Full platform operator integration via iFrame

Maximize your income and focus on what really matters by getting everything you need to launch fiat payments on your platform.

FAQ on crypto businesses

How long does the integration take?

In general, the overall process can take around 4 weeks. The actual timeframe, however, varies from business to business.

Are there any extra requirements?

Yes, there are two of them. First, your business entity should be EU-based. Second, you have to use crypto transaction monitoring. We can help with both issues.

Can we perform AML/KYC ourselves?

Yes, you can. We, in turn, will perform regular checks to ensure compliance with the Bank of Lithuania.

Why you need to turn to crypto-friendly banking

Secure, transparent, and instant payments


Innovative banking solutions


Customer-focused approach


Protection against market fluctuations


Suitability for all sectors and industries

The innovation will never end.

According to ABI Research, crypto-friendly technology will overstep $10 billion in revenue by 2023. Get in touch with us to uncover endless possibilities for your business with our platform operator solution for digital assets.

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    At Verified Payments, we believe that one size does not fit all. This is why we work hard to provide an exhaustive range of services under a Banking as a Service model to help you find a customized solution and generate new net revenue.

    Your success is our ultimate goal.

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