Embedded finance:
platform operator fintech solutions

No matter whether you've only made a logo or already have an established business, embedding new financial services are a must if you want to grow and achieve better outcomes.

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We build a solid foundation for your business

Running a financial technology company with lots of nuances from all sides can be pretty challenging. Realizing how much hassle it may bring, we designed our customizable platform operator fintech platform to offer you peace of mind, flexibility, and confidence and make your everyday tasks a little bit easier.

Verified Payments will help you to:

  • Provide your customers with an extensive set of payment options
  • Take advantage of new upsell and cross-sell opportunities by offering extra services
  • Focus on core business and never worry about KYC and AML compliance

Our banking solution suits you best

If you require a custom solution
We will tailor our platform to fully cover your needs

Ready-to-go platform operator solutions for

Payment facilitators

Whether you are a marketplace, fintech start-up, holding structure, crypto-related business owner, or a company that simply requires its own payment structure, we promise to facilitate your customers’ payments while fully complying with all legal requirements.

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PSPs & Acquirers

Provide payment services securely and cost-efficiently using nothing but modern APIs.

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Start your own fintech today

Uncover new opportunities

Embedding fresh financial products and services to your offering opens up a vast array of new prospects for your business. Whether it is generating virtual IBANs, offering new payment options, or launching new services - don't miss an excellent chance to increase customer retention and enhance satisfaction.

Focus on business development

Forget about the stress of entering a new market with tiring regulatory requirements and potential overheads. Let us take care of technology and compliance while you focus on growing your business. Whether you are a non-financial company or a fintech, a platform operator solution will work for you.

Generate extra revenue stream

Expand your client portfolio by setting transaction fees that best suit your business strategy. Increase or reduce prices and address customers' money operations as you see fit.

Get exactly what you deem vital for you

We strive to overstep the boundaries to meet your every requirement. Need to add new business partners to the platform or turn on additional services? At Verified Payments, we have all the means to provide you with a fully tailored solution.

Enjoy all the benefits of the European market

Electronic Money Institution (EMI) license gives us an excellent opportunity to help your customers make most of cross-border SEPA and SWIFT payments at great exchange rates. No matter wherever your business is, our license is your gateway to the European market.

Solutions designed specifically for your business

Free up your resources to focus on what really matters

Building your own platform requires:
1 - 2 year
  1. Compliance & Legal department
  2. IT department
  3. Sales & Marketing department
  4. Customer Support department
  5. Offline offices
  6. SEPA and SWIFT membership
  7. Accounting & Financial audit
  8. Compliance AML audit & anti-fraud systems
  9. Development of front-office (online & mobile banking)
  10. And much more.
Banking as a Service requires:
4 - 8 weeks
  1. Sales & Marketing department
  2. Logo.

    Start scaling your business right away

    At Verified Payments, we believe that one size does not fit all. This is why we work hard to provide an exhaustive range of services under a Banking as a Service model to help you find a customized solution and generate new net revenue.

    Your success is our ultimate goal.

    Contact us now and get an individual plan for your business. It's absolutely free.