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We believe in businesses without limits. That’s why we made sure that you could access comprehensive technology and embed financial services quickly and easily. Seize the opportunity and contact us now.

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We are Verified Payments

EU-based and EU-regulated Electronic Money Institution with a firm focus on technology and its application in real-life businesses. We service international corporate clients in their daily payment and financial needs by leveraging technology, expertise, and dedication.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority

In fact, the pursuit of it inspired us to develop a new division and offer customizable white-label solutions. Until then, we had been building verifo.com, a payment platform for international transfers for private and business customers. It means that we tested our software and processes in real-life conditions before offering them as a white-label service. The knowledge that we gain from verifo.com allows us to provide proven, tested, and high-quality services ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

The headquarters of Verified Payments is in Lithuania, an EU member state.

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Verified Payments, UAB
T. Kosciuškos st. 24, 01100 Vilnius, Lithuania

+370 616 59976
[email protected]

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