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We leverage our unrestricted European EMI license and core banking platform to support any business in its payment operations. For NeoBanks, financial institutions, and tech companies we provide the full white-label infrastructure to focus on business development, outsource compliance, and speed to market.

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We are an EMI with genes of a tech company

We are Verified Payments, an EU-based and EU-regulated Electronic Money Institution (EMI). Coming from a strong technological background, we understand the importance of “tech” in “fintech”. Tools used by many not necessarily are the right ones for your company.

We believe that the right solution is the one that creates opportunities. That is why our comprehensive white-label payment platform includes an EMI license that allows you to provide payment services in most of Europe.

We completed the licensing process, took care of the compliance with regulatory institutions, and fully developed infrastructure and modern payment software. With us, you can easily issue IBANs to your clients, passport your services to all EEA markets, and expand your product offering.

Become our white-label partner and start growing your business faster.

About us

Focus industries

Whether you are an emerging NeoBank, regulated financial institution or a payment-intensive business, our white label solution will undoubtedly benefit you.

Major benefits

Our white-label software is fully developed so you wouldn't need to worry about creating your own tools and building a team to deliver financial services.

EMI license

Open doors to 32 EEA countries with more than 500 million customers


Issue bank accounts to your customers for seamless transfers between 34 SEPA countries

AML and KYC operations

Onboard your clients smoothly and securely while satisfying all regulatory obligations

Tailored solution

We customise features of our white-label platform to meet your requirements

Data security

We comply with rigorous regulations to secure your and your customers’ data and funds beyond GDPR

Full control

You maintain full control of your brand’s positioning and clients

Start growing your business now

At Verified Payments, we believe that one size does not fit all. This is why we provide tailored white-label solutions through our advanced technological platform.

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