White-label fintech platform:
focus on scaling

Regardless if you are starting with a logo or already have an established business, our white-label fintech solution will enable you to achieve more.

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We bring strong foundation for your business

When one is running a financial technology company there is a lot of details to manage. We developed a customizable white-label fintech platform that embraces your brand visually, extends your functionalities, and makes your everyday tasks a little bit easier.

Verified Payments will help you to:

  • access EEA and EU markets by getting covered by our EMI license umbrella;
  • provide your customers with more payment options;
  • take advantage of new upsell and cross-sell opportunities by offering additional services;
  • focus on core business as KYC and AML compliance is covered.

Our white-label fintech platform suits you best when

You require both license and sofware solution
Our license umbrella allows you to provide e-money services in any EU market
You require custom solution
We will tailor our platform to fully suit your needs

Ready-to-go white-label solutions for

Payment facilitators

Fully comply with legal requirements and facilitate your customers’ payments with our regulatory license.

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PSPs & Acquirers

Provide payment services securely, cost-efficiently and digitally using our modern APIs.

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Embrace white-label fintech

Full package

Whether you are interested in basic API integration, complete SaaS performance, or a combination of both, Verified Payments can offer you a scalable fintech white-label solution that you need. It even comes with an optional EMI license, which could take years and hundreds of thousands euros to acquire. Whichever solution you need, we provide a complete white-label fintech platform for an affordable price.

Focus on business development

Entering a new market can be stressful enough on its own, not to mention meeting regulatory requirements and potential overheads. Let us take care of the license, compliance, and software, while you focus on your business growth.

Additional revenue stream

Set transaction fees that suit your business strategy. Grow your client base by offering lower fees or profit margin with higher ones. You have the freedom to set the fees for your customers.

Flexibility of services

We don’t simply provide a universal framework, we listen to your needs and deliver accordingly. It is easy to add your new business partners and vendors to the platform or turn on additional services that you need. At Verified Payments, we have all the means to provide you with a fully tailored solution.

Direct pathway to the European market

Our license provides you with an opportunity to offer financial services in 27 EU countries, while your customers will be able to transfer funds in 32 EEA countries. Wherever your business is located in Europe or outside, our license is your gateway to the European market.

Competitive pricing

We believe that a penny saved is a penny earned. Being prudent and lean, we designed a remarkably effective solution so that we could offer better prices for you.

Acquiring EMI license vs using our platform

Licence acquisition
White-label fintech platform
Timeframe More than year
Timeframe 4-8 weeks
Costs Extensive
Costs Fraction
Capital requirements
Capital requirements 350,000 €
Capital requirements None
Integration with regulatory authorities
Integration with regulatory authorities Extensive
Integration with regulatory authorities None
Staff Administrative, Compliance & Business development
Staff Business development
Scope Independent business
Scope Intermediary on an EMI

What does our white-label fintech platform include?

A simple solution is better

Building your own platform

1 - 2 years
  1. Compliance & Legal department
  2. IT department
  3. Sales & Marketing department
  4. Customer Support department
  5. Offices
  6. Membership with SEPA and SWIFT
  7. Accounting & Financial audit
  8. Compliance audit AML & anti-fraud systems
  9. Development of front-office (online & mobile banking)
  10. Etc.

Banking as a Service

4 - 8 weeks
  1. Sales & Marketing department
  2. Logo.

Start growing your business now

At Verified Payments, we believe that one size does not fit all. This is why we provide tailored white-label solutions through our advanced technological platform.

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