Banking as a Service:
launch your own fintech

We provide a full Banking as a Service (BaaS) infrastructure. Starting with unrestricted European EMI license and ending with AML and KYC services. So you could introduce services in weeks. Not years.

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Full infrastructure to focus on business development

For neobanks, remittance companies, or other licensed financial institutions we provide the full infrastructure to focus on business development.

Verified Payments also empowers you to retain customers on your platform, automate payments, and settle globally.

Our customizable banking as a platform offers:
Hassle-free core
banking platform
Unrestricted European
EMI license umbrella
Full KYC and AML
compliance integration
Lightning-speed to market

When our banking as a platform solution suits you best

You already have your own license
We provide you with state of the art infrastructure.
You require a full license umbrella
Our license umbrella allows you to provide e-money services in any EU market.
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Benefits of our banking as a service white-label


Cost-efficient & time-saving approach

Acquiring an EMI license can take up to two years and cost almost a million euros. With Verified Payments, you can get all the features of an EMI license within eight weeks and at a fraction of a price.


Focus on your core business

Obtaining an EMI license entails additional obligations like KYC, AML, and risk management. However, our white label solution covers them so you could focus on steering your company.


Customer retention

Our license allows opening dedicated IBANs for your customers seamlessly on your platform to receive, transfer and - most importantly - hold their funds. It makes it more likely for them to re-investing funds on your platform again and again.


Risk management

Being your licensed partner, we will make sure that onboarding is smooth, secure, and compliant. Our software allows performing fully digital KYC and AML procedures that satisfy all European regulations.


Customizable front-end

The high customization potential of our white label solutions offer not only adaptation to aesthetically complement your design but creating customers’ journey that meets your brand.


Competitive pricing

We believe that a penny saved is a penny earned. Being prudent and lean, we designed a remarkably effective solution so that we could offer better prices for you.

Acquiring EMI license vs using our platform

Licence acquisition
Banking as a Service
Timeframe More than year
Timeframe 4-8 weeks
Costs Extensive
Costs Fraction
Capital requirements
Capital requirements 350,000 €
Capital requirements None
Integration with regulatory authorities
Integration with regulatory authorities Extensive
Integration with regulatory authorities None
Staff Administrative, Compliance & Business development
Staff Business development
Scope Independent business
Scope Intermediary on an EMI

What does our white-label solution include?

A simple solution is better

Building your own platform

1 - 2 years
  1. Compliance & Legal department
  2. IT department
  3. Sales & Marketing department
  4. Customer Support department
  5. Offices
  6. Membership with SEPA and SWIFT
  7. Accounting & Financial audit
  8. Compliance audit AML & anti-fraud systems
  9. Development of front-office (online & mobile banking)
  10. Etc.

Banking as a Service

4 - 8 weeks
  1. Sales & Marketing department
  2. Logo.

Start growing your business now

At Verified Payments, we believe that one size does not fit all. This is why we provide tailored white-label solutions through our advanced technological platform.

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