White-label services:
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Whether you are interested in opportunities provided by the EMI license or an all-inclusive white-label payment solution, we have you covered

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Integrate our cost-effective white-label solution into your business easily and fast. It's highly customizable and ready-to-go.

Fintech companies

Digital companies


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Licenced financial institutions

Take advantage of all the benefits of the EMI without the hasle of acquiring it. Become our EMI license agent and save your time and finances.

Remittance providers

P2P lending


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Digital Assets

Electronic transfers to and from crypto-related accounts do not have to be painful. Contact us to find out more.



Stable coin issuers

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Offer your products or services to your new and existing customers. Automate payments, accelerate settlements, and overstep country borders by initiating payments in more than 30 currencies worldwide.

P2P marketplaces

Retail companies

Card issuers

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Partnership levels

Licence umbrella
White-label platform
Full Banking as a Service
Authorized partner status from central bank
Access to EU and EEA customers
SEPA payment automation
IBAN issuance
Compliance toolkit
Administrative platform
Branded internet banking
All of our current and payment channels

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At Verified Payments, we believe that one size does not fit all. This is why we provide tailored white-label solutions through our advanced technological platform.

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